Upper Canada Forest Products Vancouver Office Renovation

Avonite Surfaces® and STUDIO Collection® transform UCFP's workplace into a creative space.

Workplaces are upgrading their current office layout with innovative ways to enhance their company culture. During this process, leadership must accommodate and understand their employees to help facilitate a successful renovation. Upper Canada Forest Products, a leading distributor of specialty wood products and decorative surfaces, was in the process of renovating their Vancouver office, searching for a material that increased functionality for all their office surfaces.

UCFP did not have a hard choice, rather an easy one, when selecting the material. They looked no further than ‘in-house’ and selected Avonite Surfaces® solid surface, a brand of Aristech Surfaces LLC, color White 8016. A loyal distributor of Avonite Surfaces®, they recognized the benefits of our solid surface that include being hygienic, non-porous, renewable and durable, along with being highly thermoformable. Superior thermoformability became the main requirement for the renovation due to the curved and rounded corners on the proposed desk designs.  Our material is comfortable to the touch, making it the perfect material for any office environment.

In addition, UCFP used its sister brand, STUDIO Collection® design resin, color Cat Eye 8330 for their logo on the reception desk that used Avonite Surfaces® White 8016! STUDIO Collection’s backlit capabilities allowed them to reinforce branding and add extra flare to the clean, sleek modern design of the renovation.

This stunning office renovation won the Ed Fielder Award for Overall Excellence in Quality & Service from the BC Chapter of the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association. Susan Rayer, Canada SSM, was an integral part of the project with her expertise, and proved to be the go-to resource. We are honored to know that our materials played a large part in winning this award. It speaks to the craftsmanship of the fabricator, Beckville Woodcrafts Ltd., and the workability of our products.

Carolyn Solby, Director of Marketing at Upper Canada Forest Products, said, “Our office renovations have transformed our working environment beyond just a functional workspace, to a space that is open and bright, allowing more collaboration and creativity.  Interacting with Avonite Surfaces® every day reminds us of the versatile nature of the product, as a hygienic work surface, a flexible organizing system and a surface that allows for creativity and beauty.”

The UCFP Vancouver Office Renovation emphasizes a modern design with stunning, crisp aesthetics that appeals to their employees. We were able to understand UCFP’s needs and deliver a material that transformed their office into an inviting atmosphere. Avonite Surfaces® and STUDIO Collection® design features empower design professionals to bring their inspirations to life.