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2021 marks the year that opportunities within our organization grew exponentially, with the completed acquisition by Trinseo (NYSE: TSE) in late Q3. We are proud to offer a wide variety of positions globally from internship and entry level roles and all levels of management.

Trinseo is a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics and latex binders, on a path to become a worldwide supplier of specialty materials and sustainable solutions. Our North American based manufacturing locations and rich history of globally providing polymethyl methacrylates (PMMA) continuous cast, solid surface and architectural resin sheets effectively serving the wellness, architectural, transportation and industrial markets, was the desired expansion within their specialty materials portfolio, enriching their 'Engineered Materials' division.

Find the perfect next step to complement your career journey here at Aristech Surfaces! Now Part of Trinseo.

We Bring Excellence to the Surface™

Life at Aristech Surfaces

Working at Aristech Surfaces isn’t just a position, it's a career with advancement opportunity and a culture that embodies a team atmosphere.

Sustainable Initiatives

Environmental and social responsibility is embedded into our culture at Aristech Surfaces. Our Sustainability Journey is not one we take lightly, but rather with utmost focus.


With the largest continuous cast manufacturing facility in the Northern hemisphere and some of the most advanced production technology in the world, we are building, innovating, and moving the industry forward every day.

Culture & Values

We have spent decades working to cultivate a team atmosphere and culture of caring, compassionate, creative thinkers that collaborate across continents with a core values-based approach.

Community Commitment

Giving back to the communities we serve, is who we are as an organization.

Career Areas & Experience

If you share our values, you should join the Aristech Surfaces team. We are always looking for forward-thinkers.


Do you want to build on and further your career at a place with an amazing community focus, inclusive team culture, and plenty of room for advancement? Your career at Aristech Surfaces is calling.

Hear From Our Employees

Josh Westendorf , Maintenance Supervisor
Josh Westendorf Maintenance Supervisor

"I’d convey to anyone interested in the apprenticeship program that it opens up new doors and exciting opportunities. It provides employees a change of pace, additional challenges and a way to better themselves through knowledge and first-hand experience. As a supervisor at Aristech Surfaces, I see the apprentices as more involved, motivated and a 'fresh set of eyes' in the process. To complete the program, shows their dedication and ability to go above and beyond the everyday. I highly recommend the apprenticeship path to those considering it."

Sebastian Joseph, Director Research and Development
Sebastian JosephDirector Research and Development

"The R&D team at Aristech Surfaces is focused on delivering innovative product solutions to our customers that deliver value. Rapid Form™ Technology is one such example of an innovative solution that allows our thermoforming customers the ability to process our sheet at lower temperatures, thus increasing productivity through reduced cycle time and lower energy costs, while still maintaining the performance of a continuous cast sheet."

Kevin Harriger, Manufacturing Director
Kevin HarrigerManufacturing Director

"Our culture and values at Aristech Surfaces has enabled us to thrive during the COVID pandemic of 2020. It provides the base, of everything we do, and we do the right thing always."

Kody Blue, Area Supervisor
Kody BlueArea Supervisor

"Do it! You can never have too much knowledge and don't be afraid to challenge yourself or share your ideas. There are always multiple roads that lead to the same end result. Enjoy the journey getting there!"

Gary Wood, Commercial Sales Director, North America & Asia
Gary WoodCommercial Sales Director, North America & Asia

"It has been a major focus to assist in the success of our customers. Our customers are vital to a long term partnership and a strong industry foundation.'"

Pat Ruggiero, Commercial Director, North America
Pat RuggieroCommercial Director, North America

"Our core values are all about building a culture to enhance personal relationships. This has created an environment where we are constantly dealing with friends, both at Aristech and with our customers. It's all about the people. Good people."

David Lampe, Quality Director
David LampeQuality Director

"A Core Value that encourages all our team members to view our products from the Customers’ perspective, and strive to only supply products that will meet or exceed our Customers’ expectations."

Dave Schwartz, Treasurer
Dave SchwartzTreasurer

"A co-worker and I recently had a discussion about how we have friends that dread going to work. We both agreed it was great to work for a company where we enjoyed our job and working with the people around us and our customers in a very positive and energetic environment."

Ruth Moore, V.P. Human Resources
Ruth MooreV.P. Human Resources

"A key value that defines us as an organization. We look to innovate and provide solutions that generate the 'BEST' for our customers."