We Bring Excellence to the Surface™


With its first production line launched in 1969, the WELLNESS focused portfolio by Aristech Surfaces LLC is the historical core business of the group, producing high performance specialty acrylic sheets for sanitaryware and interior surfaces of hot tubs and swim spas. Equipped with (4) continuous cast production lines, the Florence (KY) plant, has one of the largest production capacities in the world, allowing it to provide a continuous service that is particularly appreciated by the largest producers of these applications globally.


The ACRYSAN™ continuous cast acrylic and highly engineered composite sheets (ACRYSAN™ Plus) are used as bathtub, basin or shower tray liners. Warm to the touch, easy to handle, manufacture and live with, Aristech Surfaces LLC offers a wide range of standard and customizable sizes and colors.


ACRYSPA™ continuous cast acrylic sheets are used to produce the interior, decor surfaces of hot tubs. Available in monolithic or engineered composite (ACRYSPA™ Plus), their cross-linked molecular structure provides better chemical, thermal, UV and mechanical resistance.


The ACRYSWIM™ continuous cast monolithic and highly engineered composite acrylic sheets (ACRYSWIM™ Plus) have been designed to meet the specific needs of swim spa manufacturing. Their cross-linked molecular structure provides better chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance.


AVONITE™ Flex is a Highly Engineered Patent-Pending Solid Surface that offers all the design, mechanical and aesthetic properties of Solid Surface combined with the extreme vacuum-formable properties of specialty sheets.


AVONITE™ is an Acrylic Solid Surface. Thermoformable, non-porous and hygienic, its subtle translucency allows the creation of intriguing light effects. AVONITE™ can be used for a range of sanitaryware applications.

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