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Our ARCHITECTURALLY focused portfolio of materials, includes a wide range of cell-cast and continuous-cast specialty sheets, architectural resins and solid surfaces of all types: acrylic, modified or highly-engineered. The group offers various state-of-the-art solutions, depending on the needs of the application; glazing that is more transparent than glass, impact modified materials for strength, external facade envelopes or customizable materials. Aristech Surfaces LLC is constantly striving to provide a full range of materials that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are durable and offers its products in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, colors and patterns. Its materials are recommended by architects and sold to distributors, manufacturers and OEMs worldwide.

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ACRYCLEAR™ is a continuous cast general purpose acrylic material. Colorful and multi-talented, ACRYCLEAR™ can be used as a glazing solution as well as a partition or commercial signage.


ACRYSTEEL™ is a continuous cast general purpose acrylic material, whose formulation has been specifically modified to increase its resistance to impacts and climatic aggressions.


AVONITE is an Acrylic Solid Surface. Thermoformable, non-porous and hygienic, its subtle translucency allows the creation of intriguing light effects. AVONITE can be used for any type of indoor or outdoor installation.


Thanks to its resin blend, SIMPLY™ offers the look of Acrylic Solid Surface at an unbeatable price.

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