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The AcrySpa™ continuous cast acrylic sheets belong to the WELLNESS portfolio of materials by Aristech Surfaces LLC. They are used to produce the interior surfaces of hot tubs. Their cross-linked molecular structure provides better resistance to stains and chemicals and improved durability. From a manufacturing perspective, these sheets benefit from increased heat resistance, which reduces material shrinkage during thermoforming and helps prevent tears and punctures. AcrySpa™ is offered in a selection of plain, stone-like, metallic or veined colors, in sheet or coiled reel up to 108 in./2740mm wide for its OEM customers. AcrySpa™ Plus composite engineered materials are combined with a high-impact substrate, for added strength and extra rigidity, needed within their manufacturing process or specific application.

Timeless Elegance


Rapid Form™

The Sustainable choice to save time and energy within your manufacturing process.

Customized Size in Sheet, or Reel

Customized Sizing Program in Sheet or Reel

AcrySpa™ Plus

Composite engineered materials combined with a high-impact substrate for added strength.

AcrySpa™ Monolithic

A cross-linked continuous cast acrylic sheet with enhanced thermoforming properties.

Lab-Matched, Personalized Color

Lab-Matched Expertise, Personalized Color Development Program

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AcrySpa Hot Tub image gallery

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