ACRYSPA™ Monolithic

ACRYSPA™ specially formulated monolithic acrylic sheet has a special molecular structure, which provides superior product and performance properties. It is chemical, stain, UV and weather resistant in addition to having a durable, long lasting color fastness and high gloss surface. Spa manufacturers have used ACRYSPA™ monolithic sheet as the surface material on their premium hot tub units for over 20 years. It is available in a variety of colors and textures, including many stunning marbleized patterns. ACRYSPA™ can also custom match to your specific needs, and maintain color consistency from production run to production run.

The superior performance characteristics of ACRYSPA™ offer spa manufacturers a durable surface with long-lasting aesthetics. The sheet is easily thermoformable, and can even be reheated and reformed if the need in manufacturing arises.

From the spa owner perspective, they appreciate its stain and mildew resistance as well as its ease of cleaning. Just wiping it down with a mild detergent is all that's required to make it look like new. The color vibrancy are complimented by the pristine high gloss finish. ACRYSPA™ monolithic acrylic is unique, when compared to other competitive materials due to the color permanently cast throughout the product, not just on the visible surface. With superior color fastness, ACRYSPA™ maintains its 'new' appeal, even after years of use and repetitive cleaning regimes.

A cross-linked continuous cast acrylic sheet with enhanced thermoforming properties.