Polish Lounge - When Luxury Meets Lavish, the ‘Polished’ Look Is Achieved

Gilbert, Arizona

Everyone’s lives are different, but one common factor is we need more time to relax. Stress can consume our daily lives through work, parenting, adulting or a combination of all three. People need an outlet to escape reality and enjoy themselves. For some, an option is being pampered at a nail salon. This is your time to relax and enjoy yourself. What better place to do this then at the Polish Lounge, the ideal place to get your nails done.

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, this upscale nail salon presents a luxurious atmosphere to its customers. You can immediately sense the upscale aesthetic when walking through the door, but the laminated nail technician counters proved to be inadequate. They wanted something unique, something that would create that inviting, gorgeous environment. That is when they were introduced to the STUDIO Collection® design resin color Bellissimo 6720, just recently launched in 2019. It is a carrera inspired design pattern with natural veining contrasted on a white hue, creating the design statement they needed.

The STUDIO Collection® design resin is the premium surface for high-end applications. It enables you to unleash your creativity while being formable, hygienic, durable and non-porous, bringing the ‘wow’ factor to your surface. Each STUDIO Collection® design resin color is artisan crafted to form unique patterns and designs. Our proprietary manufacturing process compliments the talented artists at the Polish Lounge. Hand in hand, we both create the polished surface.

The Bellissimo 6720 nail technician counters helped solidify the lavish experience of the Polish Lounge, giving a personal touch to this elegant nail salon. Building a look of luxury, STUDIO Collection® Bellissimo 6720 completes the vision of this exquisite nail salon.

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