Dobsons Home Showroom: Avonite Surfaces® Revamps Showroom

London, United Kingdom

Dobsons Home Showroom, based in London, was on a mission to liven up their current display room with on trend materials, and a fresh new visual appeal for their customers. Dobsons partnered with Counter Productions Limited Inc, and searched for new materials that could provide visual texture to the hospitality area of their showroom. Dobsons fell in love with the Avonite Surfaces® solid surface palette and found two colors to help liven up their space.

Avonite Surfaces® New Concrete 7842 offers a bold alternative to solid neutrals. This natural but minimalist aesthetic created a visually appealing texture to the kitchen area surfaces. Alternatively, Dobsons was also drawn to the free-flowing veining of the warm neutral Torrent 8903, providing the dining area with a smooth contrast of styles.

With hygienic, durable and renewable features, Avonite Surfaces® solidified Dobsons choice for their surfaces. Sheer elegance glistened throughout the renovated space proved Avonite Surfaces® achieved Dobsons goal of creating a welcoming area for their customers.