Casa-Voyageur New Railway Station or AVONITE® XXL Facade

Casablanca, Morocco

After several years of work, Casablanca’s station ‘Casa-Voyageur’ opened its doors to the public.

What one notices first is the vastness of the station: the traveller enters through the northern courtyard and is awed by this monumental architectural work. With its more than 25,000 m2 of facade, ceiling and roof in AVONITE® Acrylic Solid Surface, Casa-Voyageur station is one of the most ambitious solid surface’s projects in the world.

Designed as a walk-through building, this ‘bridge-station’ harbours a boulevard lined with shops, dedicated to welcoming and sheltering travellers as well as service workers. The architectural firm, Yassir Khalil Studio, also aimed to establish connections with the neighbouring districts.

This broad coverage principle creates a strong identity for this crossing point, which invites contemplation through its unique style and sheer size. The wide canopy roof is punctured over its whole surface, and gives the whole building a particular depth. This helps foster a harmonious, seamless cohesion between the various spaces.

Well embedded into the city fabric, this work makes the case for AVONITE® Acrylic Solid Surface’s high quality of adaptation to any environment. Ultra-modern in its appearance and performances, AVONITE® can nevertheless blend into traditional spaces and seamlessly bring together different eras.


Yassir Khalil Studio


Aeria 2

Photo Credit:

Alessio Mei