Knox Company - Corporate Office Transformed Into Design Statement

Phoenix, AZ, USA

We’ve all been there, sitting in our office during the long work week, staring at the computer and day-dreaming of toes in the sand, with the soothing sounds of ocean waves in the background. This relaxing experience was the vision of Joni Trempala, president of Knox Company, for their company’s new office space. Meeting her demand would require a unique set of visionary skills and materials. The designer searched for a calming, yet captivating, material that could capture the ocean’s essence. They looked no further when they found appropriately named Ocean Breeze, by the illuminating STUDIO Collection®.

Ocean Breeze 8700 is a stunning combination of fluidity and striking color that mimic the water, waves and sea-life all in one. To complement the bold look of this design resin, a neutral white movement opaque and transparent design was selected in Tempest 8710. The STUDIO Collection® design resin palette is known for its translucency, depth and backlighting capability, and was one of the deciding factors when it came to choose the material for the computer server room wall wrap. This luxurious, collection is impermeable and provides the ability to infuse light into your designs. The vibrant colors Ocean Breeze and Tempest were backlit and fabricated together, creating a dramatic design statement.

The distinctive wall wrap design was so captivating that Joni wanted this similar design for her office interior and exterior wall panels. The wavy patterned, backlit panels of Ocean Breeze and Tempest brought the soothing ocean aesthetic to life. Lead designer Matt Krison of Balmer Architectural Group, said, “Good design always brings intrinsic value and you had that with the STUDIO Collection®.” Waves of creativity and inspiration flow throughout the workplace as Ocean Breeze and Tempest elevate the atmosphere.

Knox, located in Phoenix, Arizona, provides a variety of rapid entry security devices for fire departments and governmental agencies across the nation. Their products are designed and manufactured in the United States, just like the STUDIO Collection®. Our artisan crafted proprietary manufacturing process forms the unique patterns and designs that spark ingenious creations.

Our colors help materialize any surrounding. In this application, it was the ocean. Let your creative mind run free as the STUDIO Collection® will bring your inspirations to life. The backlit wall panels are like nothing you’ve ever seen, but everything you desire, creating luxurious relaxation. The STUDIO Collection® creatively reimaged an office, transforming it into an ocean.