Avonite Surfaces® Acrylic Solid Surface Colors White 8016 and Nordic 9119 Provide the Perfect Backdrop to Pita Pit's Overall Fresh and Modern Decor.


RIGHT SIZE. GREAT SERVICE. Becoming a healthy alternative to fast food has been Pita Pit’s brand promise to customers since they opened their first store in 1995. This Canadian fast food franchise creates a fun, casual atmosphere where customers build their own pitas. The clean, fresh store design reinforces Pita Pit’s brand image, and that’s why they decided on solid surface for all of their countertops: they’re seamless, smooth, clean, and contemporary.

And we’re proud to say that we won the job for their new store remodel! Why? Two reasons: the cost savings through Avonite Surfaces® Right Size® program 36 x 120 sheet versus the standard 30 x 144 size was important; plus, our ability to quickly respond to our customer’s needs with the right colors closed the deal. Avonite Surfaces® White 8016 and Nordic 9119 colors provide the perfect backdrop to Pita Pit’s overall décor.