Materials to Shield Your Workplace Environment

As we approach the ever-evolving #new normal and return to the workspace, the need for precautionary measures is clear. Minimizing the spread of germs is everyone's priority and is a global initiative. Non-porous, hygienic surfacing provide the first line of defense to inhibit the growth of pathogens, bacteria and microorganisms. For everything from critical laboratory clean rooms to cafeterias, conference rooms to reception desks, workstations to barriers and partitions, we have smart material solutions to #futureproof nearly every surface in the workspace.



General Purpose Acrylic
Durable and easy to clean material with excellent chemical and scratch resistance.


100% Acrylic Solid Surface
Ideal, ultra-clean, bacteriostatic surface that is formulated to naturally inhibit the growth of microorganisms.


Handcrafted Architectural Resin
Naturally impermeable high performance propietary material, that does not support microbial growth and is easily sanitized.