The Right Size® Program Dramatically Reduced the Cost of Labor and Waste for Regal Marine.

Orlango, FL

Global boat manufacturer Regal Boats in Orlando, Florida feels as though their purpose is not only to sell boats, but also to create a space that always feels like home and where lasting memories can be created. Not only does Regal Boats carefully select the products they put into their boats to ensure they are up to their high standards, but they also want to do it cost effectively to keep their boats at price points so that more people can enjoy them.

Regal uses solid surface in the galleys and vanities, and for wet bar tops on their sport boats and yachts. They previously used competitive solid surface products for their solid surface needs but when they learned about Avonite Surfaces® Right Size® program, they took notice. The Right Size® Program offers customers the chance to customize their sheet size to make it fit their project. With their current products they had to buy 12 sheets and cut them down to 8, wasting 4 of excess material and spending even more money on labor to trim the sheets.

Their engineer stated, “In our first year using Avonite Surfaces®, we saved over $86,000 on wasted materials and an additional $2,800 in labor by not having to cut the sheets down to fit their needs. Changing to Avonite Surfaces® Acrylic Solid Surface from our previous solid surface products has saved us a considerable amount of money by significantly reducing scrap.”

Avonite Surfaces® by Aristech Surfaces, LLC, is the industry leader in solid surface solutions for designers, architects, and fabricators. We specialize in providing superior products at a competitive price and that is why we created the Right Size® program. You can order the lengths and widths you need – reduce waste and cut costs. You can do so much more with Avonite Surfaces®.