Studio-ID™ Program by Studio Collection® on Display at the Mitsubishi Laval Dealership in Quebec, Canada.

Laval, Quebec, Canada

When purchasing a car, you are making an investment to last for years to come. A philosophy shared with the design at the Mitsubishi Laval Dealership in Quebec, Canada when picking a material for desks and counters. These surfaces are some of the most interactive areas in the dealership, therefore, the material needed to be durable enough to withstand daily interactions. Driving forces in the selection also included the ability to showcases their brand identity and color palette.

An exact match of Mitsubishi’s sleek, sharp red Pantone could not be found in color offerings by other surface manufacturers. The ability to bring in their renowned Red Brand Palette, into their dealerships came about when introduced to the STUDIO-ID™ Program by STUDIO Collection®. This customized Design program allows for a custom color match of any Pantone®, RAL®, or pretty much any color in the world and at no extra cost. The STUDIO Collection® experts’ capability to match the chosen color along with the other inherent features the material brings, made this the perfect choice for the New Mitsubishi Dealership Design.

The Frosted Glass Design Series, custom tinted to Mitsubishi RED through the STUDIO-ID™ Program, created a fresh, contemporary feel to the reception desks and service advisor counters. The overall design portrayed a clean, modern aesthetic bringing a welcoming atmosphere to the dealership, and reiterated the dedication to high quality products for their customers.

In addition to using the STUDIO Collection®, they also used its’ sister brand, Avonite Surfaces® Solid Surface in the dealership employee kitchen and bathrooms. Plumbic 8290 is a soothing grey perfect for their kitchen, while White 8016 added a classic, clean element for the bathroom vanities.

The Architect, at R.H. Carter Architects Inc., who specified the STUDIO Collection® Design Resin Series, as a solution for these applications stated, “a great looking product with a wonderful, rich color for the Mitsubishi program. The reception desks and advisor podiums have turned out wonderfully. Great product, even better service.”

STUDIO Collection®, and specifically the STUDIO-ID™ Design Series Program brings exceptional design visions to life and can generate one of a kind creative statements.


R.H. Carter Architects Inc.