Solitaire: a Spa That Showcases Individuality and Luxury in One

USSPA’s masterpiece of a marriage between the acrylic sheet and solid surface families has produced the stunning Solitaire Spa. Delivering on high end appeal, the Solitaire Spa is completely customizable for everyone’s personal view of luxury to the very last detail.

Solitaire is the outcome of two respected Spa Market Visionaries who complement each other in so many ways. The beauty and functionality of AcrySpa™, a brand of Aristech Surfaces, mixes with the cutting-edge design of USSPA Spas to develop this simple, yet magnificent spa.

USSPA couldn't help but use AcrySpa™ sheet for the Solitaire Spa, it was the match they were looking for. The thermoforming capability it possesses, along with being hygienic, environmentally responsible, durable, easy-to-clean and aesthetically pleasing, that’s the AcrySpa™ difference.

The Solitaire Spa focuses on customization, encouraging the user to make it their own through personalization of acrylic sheet color along with the solid surface features, exterior design and cover design.

Individuality and luxury have never looked better together than the Solitaire Spa.

“For now, Solitaire is available at the Czech market exclusively.”