Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill™

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

The place to be on game day, is your local Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill™. Celebrating and cheering on your favorite teams with family and friends, while enjoying great food and even better times.

When the Vaughan, Ontario flagship location of Shoeless Joe’s was in need of the perfect material to highlight the massive indoor 80 ft. u-shaped bar, the STUDIO Collection® by Aristech Surfaces LLC., and specifically TEMPEST 8710, was the WIN this Sports Bar was looking for.

This fabricated architectural resin solution provided the seamless aesthetic to highlight a bar of this magnitude. In fact, the fabricator’s choice to backlight this architectural statement piece, provided the guarantee that this would be the vibrant center of attention, whether patrons were dining upstairs or down. Gorgeous dimension and luminosity of this veined white design material, was certainly a selling point, but it was the inherent properties that TEMPEST provided, which scored big in “Joe‘s” eyes.

The STUDIO Collection® is a non-porous, hygienic surface, which also provides the stain resistance needed in a sports bar atmosphere. TEMPEST provided the ability to renew the surface to the grand opening day shine, and repair (if needed), after years of use by energetic fans. This was a selling point, that frankly, competitive materials just could not match.

One of the STUDIO Collection’s VIP Players, TEMPEST 8710, was the perfect choice, for this architectural statement at Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill, and will be for many seasons to come.

Photo Credit:

Bryan Groulx