Ibiza Private Facade: Creating Extraordinary Views With Avonite Surfaces® Facade.

Ibiza, Spain

Along the remarkable coast of Ibiza, Spain, there were a pair of visionary homeowners who wanted to transform their concrete building, into much more than your average home. The blank canvas of the building did not fit the city’s extravagant personality, nor compliment the extraordinary view. The homeowners needed to update, but wanted to make a design statement in the process.

Tasked with turning this concrete structure into a design statement, was the ambitious Belgium architect, Laurence Sonck. Architect practice Laurence Sonck was very familiar with residential projects, and worked directly with M2 Ibiza Construct SL, the homeowner’s construction company, to guarantee a fabulous result. They searched for a material that would not only improve the appearance of the home, but create an identity.

Avonite Surfaces® Acrylic Solid Surface, a brand of Aristech Surfaces LLC, notable benefits provided solidarity and comfort when making their decision on a material for their home. Avonite Surfaces® hygienic, non-porous, UV resistant, weatherproof, durable qualities were the perfect fit, along with offering the largest assortment of standard sheet sizes in the industry. With all those inherent features, ultimate flexibility in sheet size and the thermoforming capability to create a seamless appearance throughout the home, this was by far the ideal choice.

Snowfall 8090, a sleek, pure white was used for the interior and exterior to create an aesthetically pleasing cohesive design. Although primarily used as the façade, which provides that WOW factor in the coastline, the pairing of the clean white 100% acrylic solid surface with wood added the extra textural element, to certainly elevate the aesthetic. Avonite was used outside on the windows, columns and flat surfaces, as well as on the inside in the bathroom, stairways and the baseboard all throughout the home.

The phenomenal transformation of this home can be credited to the clear vision of the architect and the transformational mind of the homeowners, but Avonite Surfaces® Snowfall 8090 shaped their inspiration and brought the design statement to life. What once was a characterless, concrete building only known for its view, is now known for the continuous beauty. Avonite Surfaces® possesses the power to transform projects to the next level.


Laurence Sonck



Photo Credit:

Arsen Mikitov