By Incorporating the STUDIO Collection® Into Its Restaurants, Burger King Was Able to Upgrade the Interiors for a More Modern and Upscale Feel.

When Burger King makes changes to the branding and design of its restaurants, it makes sure to seriously consider every angle. A committee of the largest Burger King franchisees directs the Burger King Design Department (BK Design) regarding how the interior packages for its restaurant locations should be developed. Previously, the packages that BK Design created consisted of the franchisee completely stripping the restaurant and performing a complete overhaul to achieve the desired look. This practice was not only extremely expensive, but also very time consuming.

Working with the franchisee committee, BK Design proposed the idea of keeping some of the current features of the restaurant in place while updating others to create the desired look. This was a more economical and cost-effective approach because the restaurant was able to keep its current flooring and layout — while enhancing the walls, partitions, countertops, and ceiling.

The result is stunning!

By incorporating the STUDIO Collection® into its restaurants, Burger King was able to upgrade the interiors for a more modern and upscale feel. Backlighting the surface with LED lighting provides a soft ambiance and pulls in the color of the old flooring with the design of the new walls.

This isn't your old-fashioned fast food restaurant anymore. Dine in style with the STUDIO Collection®.