After Comparing the Benefits of Competitive Products, Avonite Surfaces® Was the Preferred Choice. Why? Because of Its Right Size® Program and the Ability to Provide Exactly the Size They Needed for the Job.


When Leeman Architectural Woodwork was tasked to build unique product displays and countertops for new cable stores in the Caribbean, they began searching for the best solid surface for the job. The project called for curved product displays and longer than standard counters, all with a strict budget. After comparing the benefits of competitive products, they decided on Avonite Surfaces® because of its Right Size® program and its ability to provide the exact size specifications.

The Right Size® program by Avonite Surfaces® allows you to break away from the constraints of the standard sizes offered by other manufacturers, giving you immeasurable time and cost savings. Leeman’s designer stated “By using this program, we were able to significantly cut the cost of labor and cost per sheet. Overall we saved about 35%.”

Right Size®. Right Price. Right Product. That’s the Avonite Surfaces® Advantage.