Protection to #SupportLocal

Steady and slow, we are navigating back into what we knew just months ago. Returning to the restaurant ambiance where we enjoyed a Friday night pint, the beloved nail salon for a bit of pampering and polish, our local library to check out the latest in a gripping series and even an escape to the creative, to feel your imagination be challenged like only professional instruction can. The need for sanitization and safety ever so present, but a common thread pulls all together, the clean clarity of general purpose acrylic.

This view, so critical to "getting back to business" everywhere that it brings a level of comfort when present. Our Technical Service team fabricated and distributed, as the local requests came in for the clarity of our AcryClear™ and AcryBright™ sheets to use as a barrier. Given the global influx, they heard firsthand and witnessed the scarcity and struggle for our local treasures to obtain at the community level. We assisted and were able to #supportsmallbusinesses, in getting one step closer to their #newnormal and opening doors safely.

Thank you to the Technical Service portion of #ourteam for leading this great example of one of our Core Aristech Surfaces Values of 'We do the right thing, always'.

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