High Performance Surfaces – Healthcare

Aristech Surfaces has been the leading provider of acrylic surface design materials, for almost 50 years. Manufactured in the United States, our Avonite Surfaces® Solid Surface products and Aristech Acrylics® Acrylic Sheet deliver the performance demands, in the most stringent of environments.

Known for our flexibility, Aristech Surfaces® manufacturing plants and logistics facilities are operating with minimal impact from the COVID-19 epidemic and have aligned production to meet market demands. We remain as committed as ever to the health and safety of our customers and employees. With four of the world’s multi-ton continuous casting machines in Florence, Kentucky, we have an immense capacity to serve the global acrylic surfacing market and continue to fulfill orders on schedule.

We are appreciative to be an essential business serving the Healthcare Market, and we’re proud of our ability to supply the building industry high performance surfacing products.

Avonite Surfaces® I Acrylic Solid Surface for Aseptic Environments

There is no material that allows for greater cleanliness. Avonite Surfaces® 100% acrylic solid surface sheets do not absorb bacteria, can be easily cleaned, are seamlessly assembled and the material malleability makes it possible to design curved, rather than angular, corners, for more efficient cleaning. Avonite Surfaces® is ideal for everything from ultra-clean surgical suites to sanitary food preparation stations.

Aristech Acrylics® I ACRYLIC GPA Barrier Sheets for Custom Fabrication

Aristech Acrylics® are uniquely prepared to weather the extremes indoors or out. Providing the proper barriers is critical to keep everyone safe. Aristech Acrylics® Clear 0000 General Purpose Acrylic material offers the protection needed, with the durability that lasts in a caliper offering that will suit everyone’s needs.

Avonite Surfaces® I Bacteriostatic Wall Cladding for Patient/Surgical Rooms

Avonite Surfaces® Wet Wall™ sheets have been formulated to naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria and dangerous pathogens. This 6mm 100% acrylic wall cladding line resists a long list of chemical and cleaning products, including perchloric acid. Exceptionally strong, weatherable, nonporous and stain resistant our material performs exceptionally, in the most critical of environments.

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