'Collaborate. Energize. Celebrate’ - 2021 Global Sales Meeting - October 4th-6th, 2021

2021 marks a year of significant growth for our organization, as we took a more market-based approach to sales, extended our product offering into adjacent applications and refocused our commercial team to support our strategy. Officially, we can now say we have had our 2nd Global Sales Meeting, virtually. An online gathering, over the course of 3 days covering COLLABORATION, getting ENERGIZED and taking time to CELEBRATE the amazing accomplishments of the previous year.

In true Aristech Surfaces fashion, the team was engaged, shared best practices, success stories, regional performance, challenges ahead and goals for the future. The screenshots show our virtual team building event, which was “Just Darn Fun!” Our Values always top-of-mind, a safety awareness moment opened every day, reminding us who we are. This year, the committee went beyond our immediate team to include our new Trinseo family, with a focus on sustainability presented by Walter van het Hof. A powerful topic, as Trinseo is ranked #3 in the materials industry and 51st of all manufacturers in 2020, reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. “Maintaining a winning mindset” presented by Lauren Pagano, newly appointed CCO wrapped up the session, and was the perfect prelude to the future.

We celebrated COLLABORATION with some new awards embracing outstanding employees who demonstrated our five core Aristech Surfaces values. Each recipient was awarded, based on nominations and awards from colleague votes.

“We do the right thing always" Kimberly Purcell

“We focus on the success of our customers by developing effective partnerships and innovative solutions” Brooke Cole

“We care about one another and emphasize the importance of teamwork with seamless collaboration” Ryan Hansen

“We respect and listen to each other; we communicate openly and honestly to build trust” Jared Schaber

“We are constantly improving as we strive to deliver the best in everything we do” co-awarded Candy Chan, Jana Bartlett.

Our awards ceremony was ENERGIZED due to the outstanding achievements by the top performers within our commercial team who went above and beyond.

Growth Total GM$ - $10.9M, Gary Wood

Top Avonite® Sales - $2.7M, Rick McCarthy

Growth YoY GPA - $600k to $5.7M, Jorge Maldonado.

Growth YoY Wellness – 184% Increase YoY, Candy Chan

As we CELEBRATED the achievements by so many, Michael Gilbert said a few words of appreciation for the dedication of Sameer Singla, over the last 3 years.

At Aristech Surfaces, we truly stand behind 'We care about one another and emphasize the importance of teamwork with seamless collaboration'. This annual collaboration is certainly one that is looked forward to every year for our Commercial Team, for the shared knowledge and intuition it provides. While we were primarily virtual this year, we hope to reconvene as a group once travel becomes less restricted and we appreciate everyone’s efforts to make our remote meeting as special as it was.

Cheers to another Global Sales Meeting, officially in the books!