A Monument Celebrating It's Product Diversity

London, 10 February 2020

On the occasion of the Euroshop trade show, held from 16th to 20th February in Dusseldorf, Aristech Surfaces LLC has designed a monumental stand comprising 22 modules. Over 100 sheets in 21 colours, 3 materials and 6 shapes were used to celebrate the group’s diverse product range. The exhibition will travel then across different European trade shows, among which Maderalia (Spain) and 100% Design London.

Aristech Surfaces: inspired by the playful living trend

Aristech Surfaces was intrigued by this booming trend, which made its way into the biggest designers’ and chain stores’ stands at the last Milan Design Week, and wanted to expose its products to this market trend. The challenge? To create a look packed with colour, texture and content while maintaining a harmonious style.

The design work therefore started with the colours. The Lucchese Design architecture firm was commissioned for the project and selected the most daring colours from the group's materials before working on the tone-on-tone effects they could create.

With ‘The Library’, Aristech Surfaces has declared its coming of age with a stand design that surprises and provokes in a welcoming, dynamic setting.

An ode to the Aristech Surfaces LLC group’s wide range of expertise

There is no lack of colour and texture in Aristech Surfaces’ range. All of the group’s materials have been used to produce this colourful stunner. Avonite Surface®, and Aristech Acrylics® deliver a wide range of effects and performances to illustrate Aristech Surfaces’ journey over the past 50 years in 22 modules.

From panels with backlit lace façades to marbled cubes, a series of design suggestions for signage panels, and display units of all kinds, the Lucchese Design architecture firm showed no lack of inspiration for this unusual project.

This is also an opportunity to present new products such as the new Avonite® Eclipse Black made using Enriched Colour Technology, which will demonstrate its thermoforming abilities in a Baroque lamp. The new collection of sinks and basins launched on the European market in September 2019 will also be in the spotlight.

Light-focused design

Avonite® materials cannot be displayed without revealing all the light interplays with which they form ideal partnerships. That is why the architect focused the design on the interactions between Avonite® and Aristech Acrylics using various lighting arrangements. From halo effects to backlighting and even more traditional neon or LED lighting systems, all lighting effects have been incorporated to enable visitors to choose the right set-up for their project.

See ‘The Library’ with your own eyes here:

Euroshop, Dusseldorf, Germany – 13-20 February. 2020. Hall 11. Stand F85.

Maderalia, Valence, Spain – 10-13 March 2020. Hall N3-P3, Stand D41.

100% Design, London, United Kingdom – September 2020. Stand J1A.

The architect

Francesco Lucchese was born in Messina in 1960 and graduated with a degree in architecture from the prestigious Politecnico di Milano school in 1985. He started his career by winning the first ADI award with a folding chair project and founded his Lucchese Design studio soon after. Today, he specialises in architecture, interior design and design projects around the world. He also works as an artistic director and consultant for multinational companies and continues to teach at the Politecnico di Milano design faculty.