6 Year Safety Record - Aristech Surfaces

In most manufacturing facilities, you'll find safety is top of mind every day. Key messages and reminders are displayed as stickers on a clipboard, a continuous loop video in the lunchroom or banners strategically placed to grab your attention as you walk through the plant. Seminars are held to remind us, training to keep us at the top of our game and PPE always at the ready. At Aristech Surfaces, we define safety as truly part of our core. We lead every meeting with a safety message and rely on our guiding values, "We do the right thing always" and "We are constantly improving as we strive to deliver the best in everything we do'. As an organization, we remain ever-cautious but also ready to celebrate when given the reason to. Our manufacturing facility in Belen, NM has surpassed the 6 year mark without a recordable incident and without a lost time incident.

"In this unique time, safety brings us all together. It means taking precautionary measures, remaining alert, watching out for our colleagues and ourselves. We have a great team in Belen, and I cannot say it enough.... BEING SAFE is just part of our culture." said Michael Gilbert, CEO Aristech Surfaces. "Every employee should leave the work day, as they arrive.... safe and without harm. In a time where safety is of utmost importance.... we are simply doing what is natural in us to do."

Congratulations to our team in Belen, and our entire Aristech Surfaces Global Team as we celebrate with you. A positive and safe work environment is worth celebrating every day.