AcrySwim™ Plus

AcrySwim™ Plus is the best of both worlds. A highly-engineered continuous cast monolithic acrylic sheet, with all the performance characteristic advantages, combined with all the strength benefits of a high-strength substrate. A result of decades of Aristech Surfaces' knowledge and expertise in the continuous cast acrylic sheet technology. These two materials are permanently bonded together to form a composite 'plus' sheet with outstanding physical properties and unmatched aesthetic features.

AcrySwim™ Plus is a very dynamic product with an array of great performance characteristics. Its durability, long-lasting color-fastness and full aesthetic range have made it the manufacturers' choice for their premier surface material in their high-end line of spas.

AcrySwim™ Plus provides the sustainable manufacturing alternative, reducing production times and in some cases, eliminating the need for fiberglass reinforcement altogether. From the end user perspective, they appreciate its non-porous, stain and mildew resistance as well as its ease of cleaning, in both the residential and commercial space.

Composite engineered materials combined with a high-impact substrate for added strength as a liner in swim spas.