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Nougat belongs to STUDIO Collection® Design Resin. Inspired by a candy made from sugar or honey, Nougat is a conglomeration of different sized pieces. A light tan base layered with gold and dark brown pieces, this color has it all. A perfect fit for countertops, Nougat speckled appearance will help to conceal any slips or spills. Nougat is fun and different solid surface option, that fits in a variety of ways to meet your unique needs. Be different with Nougat.

visual definitions

color code8500
color nameNougat
aesthetic/patternmedium particulate
color rangebeige
adhesive match colorsAntique

standard dimensions


36" W x 120" L x 0.472" caliper


914mm W x 3048mm L x 12mm caliper
STUDIO Collection® 15 Year Warranty
PT #: 160-113
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