STUDIO Collection™

New Caldron


Belongs to the Metallics series of STUDIO Collection® Design Resin. Our Metallics series incorporates light-reflecting pigments to impart shimmer to the surface and overall depth to this 3-dimensional product. New Caldron is a one-of-a-kind color combination featuring rich amber shades paired with glistening copper flecks. The color pairings create a warm ambiance, sure to radiate to any space it is in. This eye-catching color series provides unbeatable shine along with innovative colors, fit to take your project to the next level. New Caldron adds a multidimensional and luxurious look to any environment.

visual definitions

color code8320
color nameNew Caldron
aesthetic/patternmedium particulate
color rangevibrant
adhesive match colorsChameleon


Fire RatingClass III / Class C

standard dimensions


36" W x 120" L x 0.472" caliper


914mm W x 3048mm L x 12mm caliper
STUDIO Collection® 15 Year Warranty
PT #: 160-113
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