Customized Size in Sheet, or Reel

LENGTH, WIDTH, THICKNESS, COLOR... You Decide. The ultimate in flexibility for our customers.


From the simplest format to the most unusual designs, Aristech Surfaces offers you an infinitely wide array of options to meet your manufacturing needs.

PERSONALIZED SIZING means the OPTIMAL SIZE for your manufacturing process.

With our continuous cast production method, Aristech Surfaces is you choice, in customized manufacturing. Whatever width, length, caliper and color you choose.

  • WIDTHS up to 108 in.

  • LENGTHS are up to you!
    Sheets up to 200 in. and more!
    Reels are impacted by Caliper, but can span up to 700'!

  • CALIPER THICKNESS from 3mm up to 19mm

  • Color and aesthetic, we'll work directly with your designer to bring their vision to life.


The use of the optimal size sheets reduces time within the manufacturing process to cut, or modify for a specific production run.


The choice of an optimal format reduces scrap. Less scrap means taking a step forward, to help our environment.

Reach out to your Regional Manager today, additional details on your next customized solution.

Customized Sizing Program in Sheet or Reel