Altair Plus® - Composites

Composite engineered materials combined with a high-impact substrate for added strength.

There has never been a thermoplastic material quite like our composite sheet, Altair Plus®. It’s a unique product that is the result of decades of Aristech Surfaces® knowledge and experience in the continuous cast acrylic sheet technology. It combines the proven surface attributes of our Altair® I-300 continuous cast acrylic sheet with a high-strength thermoplastic substrate. These two materials are permanently bonded together to form a composite sheet with outstanding physical properties and unmatched aesthetic features.

Altair Plus® is a very dynamic product with an array of great product characteristics making it the right product for many applications. Its weatherability, durability and long-lasting aesthetics have convinced many spa manufacturers to choose it as their premier spa surface material. Tests have proven Altair Plus® to have twice the surface hardness of many competing weatherable polymer materials.

It is also attractive as a spa surface material because of the wide range of solid and marbleized colors it is available in.

Manufacturers have been able to streamline production times and, depending upon product design, lessen or eliminate the need for FRP reinforcement. Altair Plus® provides a very viable alternative that answers certain environmental issues.

Its aesthetic and physical features have also been proven in applications such as plumbingware units, boat hulls and decks, camper tops and recreational vehicles, and a multitude of applications requiring strength and chemical, stain, algae and UV resistance. And consumers have come to appreciate its low maintenance characteristics.