The Story of Aristech Surfaces

We Bring Excellence to the Surface™

50 years of rich history, customer-centric focus and a journey of innovation has defined us as an organization. We offer a full portfolio of surfacing solutions under flagship brands Avonite Surfaces®, STUDIO Collection® and since the very beginning, Aristech Acrylics®. Our family of brands continues to endure. Whether it be creating a higher impact formulation to withstand environmental extremes, inventing new shipping methods to maximize space, constructing a natural stone like texture that you would swear was from mother earth or simply bringing the delicate rose petal indoors, "We focus on the success of our customers by developing effective partnerships and innovative solutions." We look forward to serving you for the next fifty years.


Swedlow Inc. shipped first Aristech Acrylics® branded continuous cast acrylic sheet, from Florence, Kentucky.

First year of production totaled 12M lbs. and set the stage for expansion of two additional machines installed in 1972 and 1974.


USS Chemicals, a Division of US Steel, acquired the facility and sold Swedcast (formerly Swedlow Inc.) to Edison, SpA.


Aristech Chemical Corporation expands its material offering into architectural resin by purchasing half of Avonite, Inc.

  • Spectrapak® (1987)


Architectural Resin Plant opens in Belen, NM and produced first natural stone inspired color referred to as 'Flannel Gray'.

  • Altair® (1989)
  • Altair Plus® (1989)


The neutral palette of Foundations® by Avonite® was first ran in the continuous cast method.

In 1990, Aristech Chemical Corporation moves to the private sector, with Mitsubishi Rayon Corporation as the principal owner. Innovation continues with patents issued on ABS Lamination Process (1991), High Impact Acrylic (1992), Reel shipping method (1993) and our widely known textured Quarite® formulation (1993)


Manufacturing expansion at our main plant with addition of silos (1996), warehouse extension (1997), reactor room (1999), installation of the fourth continuous casting machine (2000) and admin building (1998) which was cladded entirely in our solid surface material developed specifically for exterior facade.

  • Avonite® (1997)
  • Quarite® (1997)
  • AcrySteel® (1998)
  • Quality that Comes to the Surface® (1997)


Aristech Acrylics® (2003) and Avonite, Inc. merge into one company, Aristech Surfaces, which was purchased by SK Capital® in 2008.

Acrylic became widely used and we patented its use on Caskets (2001) and even produced the first UV transmission Sheet for use in Tanning Beds and Greenhouses (2005).


Pioneered the first environmentally focused, recycled offering in solid surface with a Palette of (5) colors under the Avonite Surfaces® Brand.

Varying caliper options were produced on demand, as thin as 3mm (1997) to even ultra thick 3mm (2008). Wet Wall™ (2008)


Aristech Acrylics® Inc. becomes Aristech Surfaces LLC, to be more reflective of the complete portfolio of surface solutions it manufactures.

  • BIO-LOK® (2013)
  • Aristech Surfaces® (2014)
  • Advanc3® (2014)
  • Avonite Surfaces® (2014)
  • SK Capital® (2014)
  • STUDIO Collection® (2016)
  • Chromatix® (2017)
  • RIGHT SIZE® (2017)


We Bring Excellence to the Surface™ defines our vision, and a multi-million dollar investment in a new casting belt, technological upgrades and personnel defines our future.

  • Rapid Form™ (2018)
  • Aristech Academy™ (2019)
  • AcryClear™ (2020)
  • AcryGreen™ (2020)
  • AcryBright™ (2020)
  • AcrySan™, AcrySpa™, Induro™, Innoflex™ (2020)
  • Secured and launching soon!