2020 Bucharest Annual Architecture Contest Winner - Teaca House

Dumbrava Vlăsiei development near Bucharest, Romania

We’ve all had moments, envisioning the home of our dreams. Clean lines, artful stunning accents, dynamic flow, open feel and a full of natural light plan. Architects Radu and Andrei Teaca of Artline Studio, took this concept and ran with it. They personally made it their goal to create a modern, cutting edge unique home with a one-of-a-kind kitchen and quickly realized this would not be possible without the calming clarity found in Snowfall, by the always reliable AVONITE®.

AVONITE® Snowfall 8090 is a cool white tone imitating the unique and comforting layers of snow, reflecting one of nature’s most special wonders. To complement such a bold house design, an elegant clean-lined white kitchen was needed to balance out the breathtaking open space. This seamless look is possible due to utilizing AVONITE® for the sink, countertops and island alike, creating one cohesive, clean-lined appearance. Hygienic, and easier to clean, than other surface choices, this was the obvious choice to bring the modern appeal that will last at the one and only Teaca House.

Homeowners will bask in the reflection of the Romanian sunset in their pristine kitchen, all while in the comfort of their spacious home. This magic is possible thanks to Publimpres SRL which specializes in architectural projects, and was the perfect pair to work with leading designers and leading architects at Artline Studio, based in Bucharest, Romania. Publimpres SRL's experience with well-known designers was vital to meet the demand found in a project of this magnitude. This state-of-the-art home was awarded first place in the 2020 Bucharest Annual Architecture contest in the individual housing category, and we can see why. The Teaca House is the cornerstone of modern comfort, thanks to the ambiance created with Snowfall by AVONITE®.

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First prize of the 2020 Bucharest Annual Architecture contest in the individual housing category


Radu Teacă and Andrei Teacă of Artline studio


Publimpres SRL