STUDIO COLLECTION®: New Marble Series With 15% Recycled Content

Aristech Surfaces LLC is pleased to introduce the latest color additions to our STUDIO Collection® range. Aptly named Movimento, the four new patterns are Italian-inspired and echo the timeless beauty of natural mined marble.

Marble has a long tradition as a material aesthetic: the classic veining and light hues offer the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication. With such a rich history, marble patterns are sought-after for traditional, transitional, and contemporary settings.

Inspired design

Taking the revered elegance of marble and developing it for application in any interior, the Movimento Series can be used for residential and commercial projects of any size or style. Effortless and practical, the four new colors offer soft, classic styling with modern relevance.

Color palette

Each of the four new Movimento patterns deliver a different look and feel and include a minimum of 15% recycled content:

Brezza: Soft and light, with warm, milky movements. Cielo: Featuring subtle hues, it has a regal and elegant aesthetic. Carrara: A misty white base with the softest strokes of earthy veining. Nuvola: Dynamic grey veins span across a crisp, white surface, providing a dramatic energy and beauty. Handcrafted production

We produce the STUDIO Collection® in our workshop, making it an unparalleled material. From the incorporation of petals or stone particles into the resin to the veining that runs through it, we design all our patterns by hand. The colour palette of STUDIO Collection® features nine series, from the soft translucence of Sea Glass, sparkling accents in our Crystelles series to the brilliant chromas in the dramatic Metallic patterns, the design possibilities are endless. Offering boundless combinations of color and light, discover STUDIO Collection® architectural resin for your next design project.

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Product specifications:

Thickness: 12 mm Width: 36 in. / 914 mm Length: 120 in. / 3048 mm Colours: Brezza 6750, Carrara 6780, Cielo 6740 and Nuvola 6760