Municipal Facilities Office Needed a Modern Touch to Create a Clean and Aesthetic Ambiance

Neubrandenburg, Germany

Municipal utilities are often overlooked for their contributions to the cities they serve. Neubrandenburger Stadtwerke GmbH, a communal utilities provider, are actively committed to giving back to both their people and their environment; demonstrated in their drive to create an innovative environment in their headquarters.

Located in the heart of the buzzing city of Neubrandenburg, Germany, Stadtwerke’s offices needed a modern makeover to meet the consistently increasing demand from over 500 staff. Designers Raumeffekt die Mˆbelmanufaktur and PETZI + PETZI Architekten collaborated to deliver a design incorporating modern styling with high-performance materials. Due to the busy nature of the offices, the designers recognized that a non-porous and bacteriostatic material was crucial for all high-touch surfaces. Offering both outstanding aesthetics and the required hygiene standards, Snowfall 8090 by AVONITE® was chosen.

Snowfall 8090 offers a pristine brilliance to any environment, mimicking the natural beauty found in pillowy layers of snow. This bright, neutral white was a perfect complement to Stadtwerke’s brand color teal. Available in both 6 mm and 12 mm calipers, differing thicknesses were specified to meet each individual room’s needs. Snowfall 8090 was used to clad desks and counters across the office, all with a similar curved edge appeal. The seamless fabrication creates a truly timeless and eye-catching appearance, while ensuring easy-cleaning and occupant safety remain prioritized.

Stadtwerke seeks to meet its company’s, employees’, and city’s needs, which are all able to happen in their contemporary new office atmosphere. The stunning photos of their space are from Andreas Muhs, who captures the exceptional ambiance that AVONITE® can bring to any room. Each room has a different vibe, with a different purpose, while preserving the strong company culture found at Neubrandenburger Stadtwerke GmbH. Take your office to the next level with WIDE MATERIALS for WIDE IDEAS only from AVONITE®.

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Raumeffekt die Mˆbelmanufaktur / PETZI + PETZI Architekten


Rosskopf+Partner AG

Photo Credit:

Andreas Muhs