Grenadine is a specialty design resin meant to stretch beyond typical horizontal surfacing, and generate a stunning design statement. This vivid red, is a punchy addition to the translucent Sea Glass Series family, offered by the STUDIO Collection®. A bold hue, Grenadine will liven up any space it is in. Grenadine is a standard color. Our CHROMATIX™ Program, offers this stunning Sea Glass Series design, to you, in any color you can imagine. From bold blues, to deep greens, rich purples or maybe a pale yellow is more appropriate for your environment. YOU CHOOSE, with Chromatix™. This striking series provides unmatched translucency, and is meant to mimic that of freshly tumbled sea glass found by the sea shore. This frosted “feel” creates a fresh and modern accent, to any environment. Recommended finish: Satin. Go Bold, or subtle with this design.

Production Sizes

36 in. x 120 in. x 1/2 in.

914 mm x 3048 mm x 12 mm

Production Thickness

1/2" - 12mm


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Product Collection

Solid, Translucent



Product Standard Offering

North America, Europe

Features & Benefits



Cut it. Shape it. Join it.
Sand it. Make it.


Artwork, dividers, signs,
counters, etc.


Light it up!
Illuminating ideas await.

Chromatix™ Program

If you can dream it,
we can match it.


Does not support
microbial growth.



Can be repaired easily.


Resists common household
stains and cleans easily.


Warm and comfortable
to the touch.


Design and color delivered
with dependable consistency.