New Certified Fabricator Programme

Aristech Surfaces LLC strives to deliver a flawless service to its clients, which is why it only surrounds itself with the best. That is also why, starting in 2019, the American company is setting up a network of certified fabricators who are the only ones to offer a 15 year warranty on materials, 1 year warranty on 3mm thickness and warranties on exterior installations.

Supported by its official partners, Aristech Surfaces LLC is setting up Academies throughout Europe that are integrated in the most prestigious fabricators and distributors in the Solid Surface market. These Academies offer various training courses tailored to the students’ levels and which enable them to acquire key skills in manufacturing Avonite® and Studio Collection®. The course teaches students how to create various border types, seam, repair damage and install a basin, which finish to choose for each installation type, how to thermoform the material, etc. 

These courses are also open to specifiers who want a better understanding of the material’s many possibilities. For more information, please contact us at