MDF Italia selects Avonite Surfaces® for its new Tense Curve table

The prestigious Italian furniture maker MDF Italia is adding an elegant table to its range this year: Tense Curve. Avonite Surfaces® was chosen for the tabletop, using a bespoke color in 3 mm thick sheets.

In creating the table, designers Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga first wanted to endow the project with soft, sinuous lines. After conducting in-depth formal research, they opted for a shape midway between a rectangle and an oval, with the intention of improving socializing around the table, with each seated guest able to see and interact with all the others, no matter where they are sitting, whilst preserving the practicality of an elongated form.

Now available in a variety of materials including Avonite Surfaces®, Tense Curve was devised to be versatile, making it suitable for lounges and other residential areas, as well as for workplaces, where oval shapes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in conference rooms.

Sadun is the exclusive distributor of Avonite Surfaces® in Italy.