Close encounter of the third kind with a reception desk presented at the Material District show in Rotterdam

At the Material District show in Rotterdam the new Avonite® stockist, Baars & Bloemhoff, presented the first half of a reception desk that will become the core interior design element at Broeinest, its new training centre and materials library in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The centre is moving into the premises of an old disused factory and aims to turn it into a design training and research centre by summer 2019. Boasting cutting-edge technology, Broeinest will provide training on working with materials retailed by Baars & Bloemhoff, including Avonite® and Studio Collection®, to architects, designers, students and manufacturers.

The designer’s brief for the reception desk was to create an eye-catching piece that also sparks questions about how it was made.

This desk demanded precise technical workmanship from Technoplanning, who manufactured it. After assembling the various plywood frame elements with oak veneer finish, the structure was covered with an Avonite® sleeve.

The two halves of the reception desk will be united soon and seamlessly assembled at the desk’s final display location, creating a monumental-looking piece of furniture whose fluid shape will harmoniously feed into the inspiring atmosphere exuding from this site. 

See how the reception desk was made:

Manufacturer: Technoplanning