Avonite Surfaces® Introduces Enriched Color Technology™

Delve Deeper with the patent-pending Enriched Color Technology™.

Despite boasting intense colors and great depth of perspective, highly pigmented solid surfaces have the disadvantage of being easily scratched. In response to this problem, Aristech Surfaces LLC has developed a new formula for Avonite Surfaces®, yielding a material which is not only extremely rich in color but also reacts favorably to cuts. Although this product is still not the best suited for installation in the most exposed locations (reception desks, counters, etc.), it is more forgiving of light incisions for any other type of furniture.  

The tests conducted by our R&D team showed a significant improvement in its mechanical properties, such as tensile and flexural resistance. The results in terms of thermoforming remain the same as for any other solid colored material. Lastly, sheets which use Enriched Color Technology™ generate less black dust in workshops than similar competing products, offering a notable improvement to fabricator’s working conditions when using the product.

“The depth of the color, and bold contrast the Enriched Color Technology™ has provided my customers is outstanding.  Even after thermoforming the uniformity is unmatched. Definitely a step forward for dark solid surface colors. Well done.” Tom Pinske, Founder of The Pinske Edge

Enrich your darkest surface vision with Enriched Color Technology™ now available in Eclipse 8240. Contact us now to request a sample.

SL408327_Avonite Surfaces_Enriched Color Technology_Sell Sheet

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