The timeless, pure mineral look of marble has been the preferred choice of architects and designers for several years, with this lasting trend potentially becoming a great classic. With this in mind, AVONITE® has launched its Movement Collection: featuring four modern, refine colours, the range has a variety of textures that beautifully illustrate marble’s immense diversity. When we designed it, we had one thing in mind: creating perfectly realistic shades and patterns. Blending beautifully with all interior décor styles, the Movement Collection by AVONITE® is not only ideal for household furniture but also reception desks in the poshest hotels, kitchen and bathroom dividing walls, and even floor covering accents to create quirky, eye-catching spaces.

Like a chameleon, the new veined collection subtly blends with other materials, enhancing or transforming depending on the combination: untreated and welcoming with natural materials like wood and brass, or understated and elegant with modern composite materials. Lastly, starting with a rare, heavy, fragile material that only the masters can work, AVONITE® has designed the Movement Collection to be easy-to-handle material (Solid Surface can be worked like wood) while preserving the unique aesthetic that is the hallmark of its authenticity. The Movement Collection by AVONITE® features all the characteristics of Solid Surface, specifically the most advanced thermoforming performance on the market, to successfully create the most daring curves. This non-porous material is ideal for all areas where hygiene, maintenance and cleaning are critical. 

The 4 Movement Collection colours

Altitude: Subtle light grey marbling adds depth to this creamy white covering.  

Morning Mist: Chips and veins are subtly combined to create a sophisticated, restrained effect. 

Summit: This colour is the one most inspired by the prestigious Carrara marble, one of the most sought-after marbles due to its whiteness with minimal veins. 

Torrent: Inspired by the golden hue and movement of limestone rocks, Torrent creates inviting, friendly spaces. 


Adding to the colours already in the range, AVONITE® welcomes three new colours to its Concrete range in 2018: Dove Shimmer, New Concrete and Vintage Concrete. These new colours round out a comprehensive palette of this popular finish. The concrete look was also the result of a lasting trend over the past few years, surfing the wave of industrial décor and impeccably blending with untreated materials to create spaces with strong personalities.    


To complete its range, AVONITE® has launched eight other colours, including the famous Ice Blue with its soft, translucent blue, whose finish evokes sea-polished glass, and seven colours with a strong or mild crystallised look: Coastline, Alaskan Stone, Morning Tundra, Jungle, River’s Edge, Galactic Ice and Storm. 


Avonite® is a Solid Surface material made of acrylic, minerals and pigments that was designed and developed by the US-based group Aristech Surfaces LLC. Endowed with one of the most flexible and scalable production lines in the world, Aristech Surfaces LLC offers bespoke sizes that can be adapted to even the most demanding of projects.

Its palette of 55 colours with a balance of timeless and trendy, along with its thermoforming properties and seamless assembly, have made the material particularly popular amongst architects and designers.

As a result, Avonite® has been recommended by renowned architects the likes of Gensler, an American architectural firm, and has enhanced the architecture of prestigious locations including the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Appreciated for its solidity and its remarkable appearance, Avonite® is used in offices, stores, public buildings like museums, hotels and restaurants for their reception desks, display cases and bathrooms. Its seamless assembly and non-porousness make it a completely hygienic material, as proved by its use in lab benches and as operating theatre furniture. Avonite® is also popular for kitchen counters and islands. Avonite® is ETA certified, easy to repair and flame resistant, making it a choice material for any type of façade.


About Aristech Surfaces LLC

Aristech Surfaces® produces and markets a broad range of surface and design materials under its flagship brands, Aristech Acrylics®, Avonite Surfaces® and STUDIO Collection®. Aristech provides quality, cost-conscious, and high-end aesthetic solutions sought by OEMs, architects, designers, and fabricators for industries around the globe. Aristech’s corporate headquarters is located in Florence, KY with its international office in London, UK. Manufacturing facilities operate in Florence, KY and Belen, NM. To learn more, visit www.aristechsurfaces.com.




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