Maisons Lacin Showroom
Béziers, France 2018

The Maisons Lacin head office moved to new premises in Béziers, France. This individual house construction company operating in the Hérault and Aude regions selected a site beside the town’s ring road which offered great exposure.

Construction started in late 2017 and lasted 10 months. The building covers 1000m2 and houses the Maisons Lacin showroom and administrative offices.

Acting as a company ambassador, the head office building’s construction needed to reflect Maisons Lacin’s values and expertise. The client tackled the project with courage and ambition in order to stand out from its direct competitors. The chosen design was a fluid, airy building unlike any of its neighbours. This surprising building is a symbol of the company’s expertise, both in terms of quality of finish and the approach to the planned style.

The initial request was to create ribbons wrapping around the building, starting with a cascade. The architect then designed the ‘Waves” to arouse curiosity and showcase the building. They wrap around all of the glazed surfaces, filter the natural light and create interplays with the spaces. These waves are the building’s skin. They are what you see, what you remember and what give the building its meaning. They express the company’s flexibility and versatility; in short, its character. This head office creates a new image of how technology can be used to bring dreams to life through an organic approach.

A material had to be found that offered the best fit in all aspects: aesthetics, sturdiness and durability. The choice was made to use Avonite®, as this acrylic stone met all the necessary criteria for such a significant building. Mr Lacin contacted LCCA, the exclusive retailer and installer of Avonite® in France, who took care of performing feasibility studies. The company loved this unusual, deliberate architectural choice because of its surprising, innovative nature which was unlike any other in the region.

Many technical points had to be reviewed for the ‘Waves’ installation: maintaining an outdoor view from the interior while paying attention to doors, windows, acroteria, cantilevered concrete slabs and building height. It was also crucial to preserve an aspect of lightness, despite the wind exposure and building gap restrictions. The most important challenge to overcome was designing the parts and special mounts to hold the large cantilever slabs and curved thermoformed parts.

Significantly, thanks to the the Right Size Program developed by Avonite®, LCCA was able to choose from the 18 sheet sizes available in order to use the most suitable one. This considerably reduced the offcut rate to under 5%, delivering better value for money and minimizing the environmental impact.

Colour: Avonite® Super White
Completed in 2018
Location: Béziers, France
Architect: OLMB
Manufacturer: LCCA
Photo credits: Hugo Da Costa



For more than 30 years, Avonite® has stood out for its technical properties combining high technicality, solidity, durability and aesthetics in all situations. This thermoformable Solid Surface, known for its soft feel and versatility, is an innovative material made of a blend of bauxite (mineral powder), high performance acrylic resins and natural pigments. Avonite® meets the highest health standards and is compliant with today's compulsory standards.

Avonite® uses a continuous casting process combined with a double-strip press. This cutting edge technology offers a number of benefits. It means we can produce 3 different widths with no m2 surcharge and any other width from 686mm to 1524mm at extremely competitive prices.

The continuous casting process also means we can optimise the ingredient blend and ensures colour uniformity not only within one single batch but between two production lines.

Avonite® has also been awarded the most rigorous certificationIndoor Advantage Gold, for its ability to maintain indoor air quality. And the continuous casting process maximises resource use by improving output and reducing waste.

Its palette of 65 colours with a balance of timeless and trendy, along with its thermoforming properties and seamless assembly, have made the material particularly popular amongst architects and designers.

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