WET Wall™ 6mm

Three Standard Sizes, to suit your needs

For the WALLS…. WET WALL™ Sheets

The need for an aseptic environment does not mean having to compromise on design.

Hospitality, Heathcare, Education, Military - There is no material that allows for greater cleanliness. AVONITE SURFACES® Wet Wall™ 6mm solid surface sheets do not absorb bacteria, can be cleaned using common household products, are seamlessly assembled, and the material malleability makes it possible to design curved, rather than angular, corners, for more efficient cleaning.

AVONITE SURFACES® 6mm Wet Wall™ sheets have been designed to resist a long list of chemical products, including chloric acid. This exceptionally weatherable, strong, non-porous, scratch and stain resistant material for architectural designs and utilitarian surfaces

WET WALL™ 100% Acrylic Solid Surface 6mm sheets come in various standard sizes to meet the market place needs. Standard width options include 36 in., 48 in., and 60 in. wide and 96 in Length.

AVONITE SURFACES® WET WALL™ 6mm sheets are available in (8) of our most sought after colors.