An impact modified acrylic designed to deliver high impact performance.

Aristech's impact resistant sheet is an engineered thermoplastic possessing an excellent balance of physical properties and performance characteristics not available in other engineered, more expensive sheet products. Our Acrysteel® acrylic is ideal for applications requiring more impact resistance than GPA but less than the more highly engineered polycarbonate sheet products now on the market. Acrysteel® offers the fabricator superior processing properties including the ability to be reheated and thermoformed.

These products are high-gloss, hard-surfaced thermoplastics that do not require special surface preparation. Because they perform the UV barrier function naturally, Acrysteel® products have no UV barrier coatings or tint hiding agents that may deteriorate over time. They are available in a vast array of colors, including metallic.

Impact Resistance

The ball drop impact strength of our Acrysteel® acrylic sheet is five to six times greater than ordinary acrylic. Sheet breakage is significantly reduced during manufacture, transportation, installation and end-use.

Weather Resistance

Accelerated weathering tests and field exposure have shown Acrysteel® sheets have remarkable non-yellowing and impact resistance property retention far superior to other acrylic products available today.

Abrasion Resistance

The higher barcol hardness of our Acrysteel sheet products offers better resistance to abrasion caused by airborne dirt and dust particles.

 Uncoated Polycarbonate SheetExtruded Impact Acrylic SheetAristech Acrysteel Sheet
Barcol Hardness 20 26 40

Aristech Acrylics® Acrysteel® sheets may be thermoformed or heated in sheet hanging ovens and free=formed without excessive shrinkage or draping. Acrysteel® has a wide thermoforming temperature range (350-390 Fahrenheit), providing the flexibility necessary to form difficult parts with good detail at high temperatures or to form less complex parts at lower temperatures for faster production rates.


Aristech Surfaces® Acrysteel® sheets are more rigid than other products, making them less likely to bow or pull out of a retaining frame.

 Polycarbonate SheetExtruded Impact Acrylic SheetAristech Acrysteel Sheet
Flex. Stength (PSI) 13,500 6,600 10,000
Flex. Modulus (PSI) 340,000 210,000 460,000