AcryClear™ - General Purpose Acrylics

Aristech Acrylics® is the clear choice

When it comes to representing your brand, Aristech Acrylics® shine above the competition. Both our impact modified Acrysteel® acrylic, and our AcryClear™ General Purpose Acrylic (GPA) line offer excellent light diffusion, powerful UV resistance, the strength and color consistency you need, and the custom sizes you want.

Uniquely Built - AcryClear™ and Acrysteel® offer improved scratch resistance and chemical resistance, and are uniquely prepared to weather the extremes indoors or out.

CUSTOM SIZES - Aristech Acrylics® is an industry leader in continuous cast acrylic - supplied in both standard size sheets and rolls. Our capability to produce any variety of sheets up to 108" wide and as long as a Reel, will carry, allows us to tailor to your exact needs. Standard size sheets and calipers available.

Extremely Versatile - our GPA can be formed, decorated, cemented, flame polished and cut into any shape or size.  Aristech Acrylic® offers exceptional design freedom at an economical price.

The Best and Brightest - Lab Testing of Polycarbonate, extruded acrylic and Aristech Acrylics® Acrysteel® and AcryClear™ shows that over a period equivalent to 2 years outdoors in the Florida sun, both Aristech Acrylics lines scored higher on light transmission scale that extruded, and far higher than polycarbonate. Aristech Acrylics® provides the look of new, longer. Saving replacement costs.

Uniformity - Our Acrylic Sheets are produced maintaining a thickness of +/-10% or 0.015" (whichever is greater) to ensure critical uniformity. This reduces the rate of rejections due to breakage, thinning out or variances in light transmission.

Features and Benefits

  • Extreme temperature and UV resistance over the long term.
  • Superior thermoforming: unlike polycarbonate, continuous cast acrylic does not require drying prior to thermoforming – performing better than extruded acrylic and polycarbonate both
  • Greater manufacturability: continuous cast acrylic is easily routed, and does not require special resin for trim capping of channel letters (vs polycarbonate), and does not warp, shrink or expand like extruded acrylic
  • Excellent color-matching ability and consistency, in a wide range of colors and metallics
  • Exceptional light transmission

Customize your sheet to the exact size, to suit your needs. All while minimizing labor and scrap costs.

  • 48" x 96" Standard Sheet Size Available
  • Up to 108 in. Wide Production Reels,  Available Upon Request
  • 0.118", 0.177", 0.236" Standard Thicknesses Available
  • Up to 0.472 in. Thickness, Available upon request