Bath and Sanitary

Acrylic offers long-lasting beauty, durability, can be easily repaired cleaned making it the premier surface material for today's tub, whirpool and tub/show fixtures.

For decades, cast acrylic has been the surface material of choice for high quality whirlpool tubs found in master bathrooms across the country. After years of use, homeowners have found acrylics reputation for quality and comfort well deserved. Today, more than ever, acrylic bathtubs are also gaining popularity in family and guest bathrooms – in both new home construction and remodeling.

The reasons are simple. Acrylic gives homeowners everything they want in a bathtub. Acrylic is extremely hard and non-porous by nature. So, dirt, soapy film, and germs can't penetrate. Cleaning is easy using a mild bathroom cleaner and wiping with a damp sponge/cloth, even after years of everyday use. Acrylic retains its beautiful high-gloss shine better than many other materials.

Acrylic bathtubs are also lightweight and very sturdy, making installations easier and often less costly. For homeowners, another benefit is warmth. The acrylic bathtub feels wonderfully warm to the touch. So, unlike porcelain, with acrylic, there are no shockingly cold surprises in store for the unwary bather who may touch a part of the tub that's not under water.

As for style and color, no other surface material compares to acrylic. Today, acrylic tub/shower enclosures, complete with walls and ceilings, are a premier attraction in home shows everywhere. These elegant designs with their curves and built-in features are possible through the easy-to-form nature of acrylic. They are not available in other bath materials like gel coat/fiberglass or steel. Acrylic is also available in a wide range of colors and effects including marbles, pearlescent, and granite textures to make an acrylic bathtub a centerpiece in any home.